Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harrow Fair 2009

It was another exciting year at the Harrow Fair! Take a look at some of the results.

1st prize - apple pie and the special "Memories of Brian Heaton" category
There are several special categories that stipulate you must bake another prize-winning pie/cake in order to receive your prize money. The rules state that the transaction must be accomplished by September 30th. Living four hours away, I don't enter those categories, but somehow I wiggled my way into one anyway!

To win the best apple pie was a real feather in my cap, but strangely enough, I almost didn't make the pie. It was the last item on my list and it was already dinnertime on the Wednesday. I said to my Mom, "I'm not making that apple pie." She was more than happy to have the baking wrap up for the day so there was no argument from her. I started thinking of all the pie dough that I had made, the apples that I had carted down from Mount Albert, and the fact that I didn't have any other pies going into the fair. It was enough to get me back into the kitchen, peeling the apples and rolling out the dough.

The pie was in the oven and I went outside to check on the kids. I must have been gone awhile because when I came back in the house, the smell of apple pie was very strong and the filling was leaking onto a bottom pan. I pulled out the pie, thankful that I hadn't dilly-dallied any longer. Before the pie had a chance to cool, it was being squeezed into a large Ziploc bag and dropped off at the Agricultural building, where all of the judging happens the following day. Under those circumstances, I didn't hold out much hope for my pie, but it did me proud!

3rd prize - Apple Pie by our neighbour Evie
Evie makes beautiful apple pies and her daughter (my friend) Kristin really encouraged her to enter this year. She was thrilled to have won a ribbon for her pie, but it wasn't the only thing she won for. Evie entered several quilting categories and even pulled out some macramay necklaces that she had made back in the 60's.

1st prize - Date Squares

3rd prize - Date Squares by our neighbour Jessica

2nd prize - Maple Fudge

1st prize - Carrot Cake by our friend Janette
Janette was thrilled to win first for her carrot cake. She is a great baker and after tasting her peach pie on Sunday, I think she should enter that next year!

2nd prize - Carrot Cake by my Mom
I made a carrot cake here in Mount Albert before the fair and it flopped. When we arrived at my Mom's in Harrow, she said that she had a recipe from Mary Moore that was great every time. Before I knew it, she had it made and in the oven. It was entered under my name but Mom is the one who gets credit. Thanks Mom!

1st prize - Jam Thumbprint cookies by Ellen (in the 9 years and under category)
Ellen was tickled pink to win for her cookies. She helped with every step and I really tried to let her take the lead, once shown how to do things. Gavin entered chocolate chip cookies in the same age category but they didn't place. There was lots of competition in the junior categories, which was great to see.

1st and 2nd prize - Red raspberry jelly and black raspberry jelly by my Mom
Sharon is obviously queen of the jellies now!

1st prize - Crab apple jelly by my Mom
This is her 2nd year running for the crab apple jelly.

2nd prize - Dill pickles by my sister's mother-in-law
Roberta didn't think that her pickles would do well, but this just goes to show that you never can tell. We love her pickles!

2nd prize - Zucchini cake by our neighbour Frances
3rd prize - Chili sauce
Frances came into Harrow with me for the last drop off on Wednesday night. She had been working all day and at the last minute decided to enter a couple of things. This was Fran's first time entering the fair, and she has decided that next year she's taking most of the week off!

3rd prize - Barbeque sauce for pork in the "Men Only" category, made by my Dad
Last year my Dad entered his favourite bbq sauce but was disqualified for using an incorrect container. Learning his lesson, this year he canned his sauce in a jar and it won 3rd place! He was very happy, and I bet he will enter again next year.

And besides baking and canning, there were other prizes won....

3rd prize - Ellen's macaroni flower picture
1st prize - Gavin's essay in the 6-7 category (a $10 prize which he has mentally spent many times over by now!)
2nd prize - Gavin's pencil sketch
3rd prize - Gavin's "article made by a Beaver"
2nd prize - my photo entered under "Harrow Fair 2008" photo
Honourable mention - Alan's photo of the sails of our boat entered under "Transportation"

And there were some entries worth mentioning that didn't win ribbons but were still very good.

Salsa - Made by my friend Tara. Stiff competition in this category, but I hope she tries again next year. And Tara's Dad has decided to enter his fruit cake next year - let's hold him to it!
Purple Plum Upside-Down cake - Very good, but incorrectly measured...
Butter Tarts - My friend Kristin entered her butter tarts, which were very good. I entered two types of butter tarts as well. Nothing. It was a tough category, or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

There were several other things that I entered, but they aren't worth mentioning now. We had a great time at the fair and we can't wait till next year. Maybe we'll see you there!

*The Harrow Fair runs every Labour Day weekend from Thursday till Sunday.